- k I T C H E N -

Beating heart of the home.

We live faster and faster every day, being less and less present at our own house. Yet, to be honest, which room is our favourite? Where do we drink morning coffee together and where is the heart of every home party?

Of course! It’s a kitchen!




The art within arm’s reach.

Wallpapers have blossomed lately with a whole palette of colors and patterns. We’re very pleased to take part in and promote their absolute renascence. They fit exactly to your wall,  you can design them by yourself, paper or vinyl ones and even waterproof models. Wallpapers revel their intriguing and unknown face. Ready for the new solutions?

- L A M P S -

An evolution of Edison’s light bulb.

Every discovery evolves from the very simple prototype and strives for excellence. From the regular light bulb up to a whole lighting systems – it’s just one step. And nowadays, as everyone knows, interior and outdoor lighting are almost a separate domain of design and architecture. It plays not only its’ functional role, but becomes a key to the rooms’ aesthetic. Starting with simple forms, through classic, to the most innovative products – we have them all! Ready for a journey to the Diverse Dimension of Lighting?


Furniture dizzyness.

For the architekt a large desk, for the relax lover the coziest sofa, for the traveler an uncommon shelf for his far far away journeys souvenirs. We’ll find a solution even for a numerous family – a beautiful, big dining table with a set of comfortable chairs of bentwood will do?

- Fitted furniture -

Furniture tailored for you.

Dimensions of standard furniture don’t suite you? Models presented in shops are to obvious? Don’t worry! Pepe will tailor it for you. Keep calm and we have a lot of ideas ;) !


A decorative dot over an i.

Some flowers in a gorgeous vase, a little bit of fruits on a marvelous platter and, of course, a remarkable sugar bowl. We think our ladies know what we’re talking about – without accessories, the unique character creation disappears and we have a house, not a home. This group is therefore not only limited to dining room or kitchen area. Our accessories will dot over an i in every other room as well.

… all you need to arrange a bathroom, as well as tiles, wooden floors and lighting.

… a beautiful world of textiles, wallpapers and all type of soft decorations.